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Security Supervisor

Position Summary:
The Security Supervisor plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective operation and supervision of security personnel within a security company. They are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of security staff, maintaining a safe and secure environment, and implementing security protocols and procedures. The Security Supervisor reports to the Security Manager or Operations Manager, depending on the organizational structure.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Team Supervision:

    Lead, manage, and supervise a team of security personnel, ensuring their adherence to company policies, procedures, and safety guidelines.

  2. Staff Deployment:

    Assign duties and responsibilities to security personnel, ensuring appropriate coverage of all required posts and areas.

  3. Training and Development:

    Provide training and guidance to security staff, including new hire orientation, ongoing training sessions, and skill enhancement programs.

  4. Shift Coordination:

    Schedule and coordinate shift rotations for security personnel to ensure 24/7 coverage, maintaining effective communication channels between shifts.

  5. Performance Evaluation:

    Conduct regular performance evaluations and provide feedback to security staff, recognizing achievements, and addressing any performance issues or concerns.

  6. Incident Management:

    Respond promptly and effectively to incidents, emergencies, and alarms, ensuring proper incident documentation, investigation, and reporting.

  7. Security Protocols:

    Implement and enforce security protocols, procedures, and guidelines to maintain a safe and secure environment, including access control, visitor management, and surveillance systems.

  8. Risk Assessment:

    Conduct periodic risk assessments, identifying potential vulnerabilities and recommending appropriate security measures to mitigate risks.

  9. Client Communication:

    Liaise with clients, addressing their security concerns, providing updates, and ensuring client satisfaction.

  10. Compliance:

    Ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards related to security operations, privacy, and data protection.

  11. Equipment and Supplies:

    Manage and maintain security equipment, supplies, and resources, coordinating with relevant departments to ensure their availability and functionality.

  12. Incident Reporting:

    Prepare accurate incident reports, maintain records, and assist in investigations as required.

  13. Continuous Improvement:

    Identify areas for process improvement and recommend strategies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations.

  14. Emergency Response:

    Collaborate with emergency response agencies, such as law enforcement and fire departments, during emergencies or critical incidents.

  15. Budget Management:

    Assist in the development and management of the security department’s budget, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost control.


  • High school diploma or equivalent (some companies may require a college degree in a related field)
  • Previous experience in security or law enforcement, with a minimum of 2-3 years of supervisory experience
  • Strong knowledge of security practices, procedures, and industry standards
  • Excellent leadership and team management skills
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Sound decision-making and problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to remain calm and composed in stressful situations
  • Proficiency in using security equipment and technology
  • Familiarity with relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations
  • CPR and First Aid certification (may be required by some employers)
  • Valid driver’s license (may be required depending on the job responsibilities)
Job Category: Security Supervisor
Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: Inland Empire Los Angeles City Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside County San Diego

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