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Other Security Services

If you need to leave your loved ones behind and require a private security service in California, we offer specialized security services for personal protection. Our services are available to individuals, families, and organizations who may be at a higher risk or need extra security. These services strive to protect clients’ security and privacy in various settings. We are among the best physical security consultant companies due to the usage of technologies.

Advantages of Private Security & Bodyguards

Private security and bodyguard services offer several advantages for individuals or groups with specific security needs. Following are a few crucial points pointing to the benefits: 

  • Private security and bodyguard services provide personalized protection tailored to the specific requirements and circumstances of the client. 
  • They provide an additional layer of security to mitigate potential threats and risks. 
  • Security personnel in private security and bodyguard services possess specialized training and expertise in personal protection, threat assessment, and emergency response. 
  • Trained professionals are responsible for their safety and security, providing clients peace of mind. 
  • These services can adapt to changing circumstances and evolving security needs.
  • They anticipate security risks, implement preventive measures, and guide the client on security best practices, minimizing vulnerabilities and enhancing overall safety.

Crimes in California

According to the data collected by PPIC, the violent crime rate in California has risen by 6.0%, from 440 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2020 to 466 in 2021. While robberies were down marginally, aggravated assault was up 8.9%, while murder and rape were up 7.7% and 7.7%, respectively.

To reduce these ratios, many private security consulting firms came into being. The presence of private security personnel can act as a visible deterrent to potential criminals. Knowing that security measures are in place and trained professionals actively monitor an area can discourage individuals from engaging in criminal activities.

They often have rapid response capabilities. In a security incident or suspicious activity, security personnel can quickly respond and address the situation. Their swift intervention can prevent crimes from occurring or escalate them before law enforcement arrives.

Why Hire Us?

Suppose you are concerned about your safety due to a high-profile public position, prior threats or events, or involvement in contentious causes. Hiring Strong Tower Secure can ensure your safety and security.

Qualified security experts can keep you safe and secure if you are worried about your safety because of personal circumstances, public exposure, or prospective threats. We add a layer of security above and beyond what public law enforcement can provide.

They may customize their services to your demands and conditions and provide customized security measures and processes to address any vulnerabilities or hazards.

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