8 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Security Guard Companies

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Security Guard Companies

Selecting the best security guard company is essential in a society where safety and security are top priorities. Even for the most savvy people, navigating the selection process can be challenging. 

We have broken down the essence of our experience into clear, understandable insights. You won’t find any sophisticated industry speak or jargon here, just plain counsel. This article will give you the knowledge to make a wise and secure decision, avoiding typical errors, whether you’re a business owner, event planner, or homeowner and are about to hire a private security guard. We’re here to ensure you make the best decision for your safety because it counts.


  • Clearly state your security needs, whether for a company, an event, or your safety. Finding the ideal security partner begins with understanding your needs.
  • Take your time with your choice. Do some research, check credentials, and pose questions. Making a secure decision requires knowledge.
  • Reviews provide priceless advice from those who have been there before you. Never omit this step when making a decision.
  • Instead of hiring a security company that is only responsive to incidents, look for one with proactive methods and the flexibility to adapt.
  • Ensure the security company you choose invests in ongoing security guard training and has qualified people. The devil is in the details when it comes to quality.

8 Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Security Guard Company

As you hire a security task company, these eight key factors will guide you on the dos and don’ts of choosing a security guard company. Each one delves deeper into the essentials.

1. Beware of security guards who don’t offer tailored solutions

Beware of security guards who don’t offer tailored solutions

More than one-size-fits-all solutions are required to protect what is most important to you. Security firms that provide generic solutions should be avoided. Your particular requirements, whether to protect your house, hire a personal security guard, business, or an event, merit specialized consideration. Find a security supplier who will try to comprehend your unique needs. A customized strategy ensures your peace of mind while maximizing your safety. A security plan that works like a glove is essential to security guard hiring to keep you and your loved ones safe and your wealth and financial assets.

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2. Hiring a Security Firm that Doesn’t Focus on Prevention

Hiring a Security Firm that Doesn’t Focus on Prevention

Avoid the pitfall of hiring for security that doesn’t have a preventative approach when looking for one. A reliable security company works hard to prevent incidents rather than merely responding to them. Look for a security team for hire dedicated to taking preventative action, such as routine patrols, risk evaluations, and thorough security plans customized to your requirements. To make your venue or event safer, they should try to stop any possible risks before they become serious. Remember that the best security is the one you never have to experience. Choose a partner carefully who places a high priority on prevention.

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3. Hiring a Security Firm Without Uniform Flexibility

Hiring a Security Firm Without Uniform Flexibility

Imagine having a security officer at your corporate event in a fine suit, one at your art museum in full uniform, and one at your informal gathering in casual clothing. It may not seem significant, but a security guard uniform is a game-changer.

Consider the uniform policy of the security guard agency you choose. The dress code’s adaptability is a clue that they will meet your particular needs. It guarantees the proper perception and establishes the proper mood for your event. Choose a business that understands how to customize its appearance to match yours to avoid having your security detail’s attire become a roadblock.

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4. No Background Check

No Background Check

“Trust but verify” should be the guiding principle in the security industry. It would be like embarking on an unfamiliar voyage while wearing blinkers to hire a security team without doing a background check. Your only hope is a comprehensive background investigation.

Make sure the company thoroughly screens its guards before committing. You must guarantee that you are not allowing hazards into your safe area by going through the security guard resume yourself. This action may appear unimportant, but it forms the basis of a secure setting. Demand openness and peace of mind rather than leaving your safety to chance. A firm that scrimps on background checks is a big red flag. Make sure this vital step is not skipped to keep your security impenetrable.

5. No Backup Services

No Backup Services

Consider a situation where your prominent security officers cannot report for duty due to unavoidable circumstances. What is your backup plan? You can be exposed if the security guard services don’t provide backup.

A trustworthy security partner should have a backup strategy in place. You should feel secure knowing there will always be a trained guard on duty, whether to cover sick days, vacations, or emergencies. Remember this vital point. Having a robust backup team can frequently be the difference between having peace of mind and potential weaknesses in the security world.

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6. No Proper License

No Proper License

A valid security guard license for your hired security guard is needed for the safety and security of your possessions. With it, your foundation is stable. It’s unsafe and against the law, just like trying to drive without a license. A security guard business ensures security guard duties with a license, which denotes professionalism, conformity, and adherence to industry norms. It reassures you that the guards they offer have done the necessary training and background checks and are qualified to serve as security.

You run the danger of taking on unnecessary risks, facing potential legal issues, and receiving poor service if you hire an unregistered business. It’s an essential consideration you should always pay attention to while deciding. Your peace of mind depends on you getting the license, so always ask for it.

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7. Choose the Lowest Bidder

Choose the Lowest Bidder

When choosing a security guard business, choosing the lowest-priced option of cheap security guards may be tempting, believing you are getting a better deal. But keep in mind that saving money might be a costly mistake when it comes to security.

Resources, trained workers, and competent personnel are required for high-quality security services. Selecting the lowest bid could mean giving up these essential features, leaving you open to breaches and hazards. Find value for your money instead. Achieve a balance between cost and quality, and make sure the company you hire has a track record of success, responsive management, and experienced guards. Safety should not be compromised for the sake of saving money.

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8. Hiring a security firm without first checking the reviews

Hiring a security firm without first checking the reviews

Reviews are your doorway into the actual world of security guard firms in the digital era. They provide a voice of communal experience, giving you a clear image of what to expect. Read through customer reviews from both recent and prior customers before making any selections. Pay special attention to trends and common compliments or criticisms. 

Always keep in mind that a great security company will have glowing reviews. Remember to appreciate the influence of the cumulative knowledge of others who have gone before you on this journey.

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Why You Should Trust Our Security Guards to Protect Your Business

Protecting your business is not just a matter of safeguarding assets; it’s about securing your dreams, hard work, and future. As a business owner or manager, you understand the stakes are high. Trusting the right security guard companies is a pivotal decision that directly influences your peace of mind and the success of your enterprise.

At Strong Tower Security Corp, we are your unwavering sentinels, committed to safeguarding your business with unwavering dedication, providing our utmost to the places that need security guards. With a legacy of trust and a track record of excellence, we’re not just security providers but your protection partners. Our professional security guards are meticulously trained, equipped, and constantly vigilant. 

Your business isn’t just another assignment for us; it’s a mission, a promise of unyielding security. Discover why we’re the guardians of choice at our company’s website. 

Contact us for your business’s safety, which is more than a duty for us; it’s our passion. 

Which types of Other Services are offered at Strong Tower Security Corp?

At Strong Tower Security Corp, we facilitate our clients with different services. These are listed below:


Making the appropriate decision is crucial in safety and security when hiring security companies. You’re now prepared to make an informed decision when selecting a security partner, from comprehending your particular needs to carefully screening organizations and looking for reviews. There is no need to avail the security guard services that are paved with uncertainties. With these tips, you’re avoiding typical problems and creating a route to mental tranquility and a safer future. Your decisions make all the difference when it comes to your security.

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